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Are You Making These 5 Mistakes In Your Fat Loss Plan?

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 10:54:50 PM Europe/London

Mistake #1: Confusing Fat and Weight

It is a common mistake to confuse or use ‘weight loss’ and ‘fat loss’ interchangeably but a clear understanding or the lack thereof of these two terms will greatly determine your success in your endeavors to lose the fat.

Your ‘weight’ involves everything in your body including fat, bones, muscles, organs, water, blood and even teeth, etc. so unless you are aware of which part or component you want to reduce on, the whole idea of weight loss would be misguided as it lacks specificity. For example, you might be interested in loosing fat, but the activities you engage in are leading to loss of muscles instead and in this scenario there will definitely be a loss of weight but that will not be a loss of fat. Therefore identifying what you want to lose will go a long way in establishing your success. So if it is fat, then concentrate on fat.


Mistake #2: Seeking Temporary Fixes

Many people interested in losing fat get dragged into the fads advertised on magazines and other media platforms with headings like, “loose belly fat in one week” or “Get rid of fat permanently in 2 simple steps”. The fallacy behind most of these loose-fat-quick schemes is that they are temporary, and you are prone to regain all the fat lost in these methods as soon as you stop.

Fat loss should be a lifestyle and not a fad. A fat loss lifestyle is a lifestyle that involves eating right, exercising and having healthy habits. A lifestyle has a huge demand, and that is why many people resolve to take short-cuts. There are also those who opt for liposuction, which in spite of a great reduction in the body fat quantity if the lifestyle does not change, then that means you will regain that fat. So to ensure the longevity of the fat loss regime, opt for a lifestyle change and not just a fad diet or procedure.


Mistake #3: Insufficient Sleep

Lack of sleep does much more than just make you irritable but insufficient sleep causes the release of the ghrelin hormone that creates the perception of hunger that leads to more eating, more calorie intake and with poor calorie burning this will result in the extra calories being converted to fats for storage. Getting sufficient sleep will not make you lose weight but will make your fat loss efforts bare much fruit.


Mistake #4: Avoiding the Weights

It is a common misconception that lifting weights lead to an increase in mass. If weights are lifted well and not the too heavy types that lead to increase in muscles but the medium weights will ensure your muscles are better defend and majorly the help in fat burning. Moreover, the increase the resting metabolic rate which helps you burn fat even while resting.


Mistake #5: Stressing

The human body has a poor stress handling mechanism, and the onset of stress leads to the release of hormones that keep you awake and you already know the demerits of lack of sleep. Engage in stress relieving activities like working out and engaging in a hobby you enjoy.

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Posted Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:39:23 AM Europe/London

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