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Dealing with Wrinkles Using Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Friday, June 5, 2015 3:58:49 PM Europe/London

Contrary to popular belief, wrinkles are not synonymous with aging and managing how wrinkles are formed on your skin will determine your general appearance. Wrinkles are formed majorly where the skin is more susceptible to stretching and folding and with age the skin cells lose their elasticity resulting in the formation of wrinkles, these wrinkles are normally dealt with by applying various forms and brands of anti-aging medication that is intended on reversing the process or stopping the process entirely.

Seeing that wrinkles are almost a surety for every human, still people use the anti-wrinkle creams for various reasons; the young to slow down or prevent the onset of wrinkles altogether, and for the old to slow down the severity of their formation and to stop further wrinkles from appearing. Since it has been established that there is not yet a natural method for the reversal of wrinkle formation, all that the best anti-wrinkle cream can do is to firm the skin and remove dead skin. All these anti-wrinkling creams contain different substances that tackle the wrinkling issue differently; there are those that help with filling the skin from its bottom layers and this removes the wrinkles in the upper layers, others rejuvenate the skin renewing its ability to heal and replace dead and wrinkled skin, others amplify the production of substances like collagen that enhance the elasticity of the skin and this way deal with the wrinkles.

The market is filled with many anti-wrinkle creams that promise heaven and then some, but in order to get the most from an anti-wrinkle cream it is most important to look past the brand name, manufacturers name, price and instead focus on the ingredients and their quantities as this is what will determine the effectiveness of the cream to meet your need for an anti-wrinkle cream. And these ingredients are measured against what they do to the skin to tackle the issue at hand. 

There are also natural ways that are equally as efficient in the battle against wrinkles as the manufactured products are. The anti-wrinkling creams can be used complementarily to the natural ways and in doing this success is assured and also helps curb dependence.

Some of the natural methods for battling wrinkles are:

  • Getting enough sleep and rest: the value of rest can’t be overemphasized as the betterment of the general body will result in healthy skin which will be represented on the skin.
  • Managing weight: gaining weight or losing weight drastically affects the skins elasticity greatly as stretched skin might have problems going back to place and this might lead to sagging and wrinkles therefore it is encourages to maintain weight within a narrow limit and in cases that a lot of weight is to be lost, then it should be done in a duration that allows the skin to regain its elasticity.
  • Use of oils: there are oils that favor the skin and enable the skin to regain its elasticity and function and even boost the production of collagen that handles firming the skin. Applying oils like Coconut oil, Aloe Vera and Olive Oil on the skin has proven to be efficient in reducing the formation of wrinkles and they also keep the skin supple.
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Posted Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:39:23 AM Europe/London

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