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Goats Milk Review

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 10:27:50 PM Europe/London

Nanny Care First Infant Milk Stage 1 – 900g Review

Nanny Care First Infant Milk Stage One is designed to be suitable for babies from birth to twelve months old. Its formulation is based on over 25 years of research into the benefits of a goat milk based product as a breast milk substitute or for use in combined feeding for infants and toddlers. There are different options for Nanny Care milk that suit a variety of ages and with each one enriched with all of the vitamins and mineral your child needs, it is the perfect choice for mothers who either can’t breastfeed or choose to combination feed their babies.

Why Choose a Goat Milk Based Product?

Goats’ milk is easy to digest. The proteins found in goats’ milk are easily digested and are better absorbed into the body than the proteins found in some other types of baby formula. This also reduces the risk of allergies developing. Goat based milk formulas are lower in lactose than those based on cow’s milk which makes it great for infants that may have lactose intolerance. The fats goats milk are also more easily digested, meaning that your infant is gaining the maximum growth benefits from the fat they are consuming from their formula. So infants who are slightly colicky or are experiencing bloating or stomach pain, switching to a goats milk product may help to alleviate these symptoms. There are some drawback to using a goats milk based formula if the product is not of a high quality as they can be deficient in some important vitamins and minerals. For example, there is not as much folic acid in goats’ milk as there is in cow’s milk, so you want to ensure that the goat milk formula that you choose is fortified with extra vitamins and minerals.

Why Choose Nanny Care Infant Milk Stage 1 For Your Infant?

Nanny Care Infant Milk Stage 1 is highly nutritious and also tastes good as well, ensuring that your infant will not only reap the many health benefits that are to be gained from a high-quality goats milk based formula, they will also love the flavour. Nanny Care Goats Milk formulas were actually one of the first to be subjected to a clinical trial and the result of the trial saw goats’ milk formula as being a suitable source of nutrition for infants. Nanny Care Infant Milk Stage 1 is fortified with all of the vitamins and minerals that your infant needs. The most important being the addition of the folic acid which some goat based infant formulas do not contain and as previously mentioned, this is a must have for any goat milk based formula. Nanny Care Infant Milk is also produced using only the highest quality goats’ milk from the rich pastures of New Zealand, so you know that the milk the product is made from is rich in natural nutrition. With the years of research and the wealth of experience that Nanny Care has with producing goat milk based formulas, you know that your child is getting the best

So try Nanny Care Infant Milk Stage 1 – 900g for your baby and you will notice the difference for yourself, better skin, better mood and a happier tummy for your infant are some of the benefits this product can give your baby.

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Posted Friday, October 23, 2015 10:51:59 PM Europe/London

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