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Keeping You Ageing Eyes Healthy

Monday, June 15, 2015 10:41:55 PM Europe/London

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Have you ever stopped to wonder how much you use your eyes? Admiring the beauty that surrounds you, using it to identify things and people, even reading this article means you are using your eyes.  Surveys show that many people would rather lose their hands or legs than lose their eyes but what most people do not realize is that taking good care of their eyes will ensure their continual use of them for many more years. So taking care of your eyes is not a one-off endeavor but rather a habit that should be observed to ensure your vision is maintained in good condition, and some of them are:

        I.            Make regular visits to your eye doctor(ophthalmologist/optician)

Many people live by the theory that what is not spoilt should not be fixed and do not go to the doctor unless they realize there is a problem with their eyes. Like going to the dentist, going to the eye doctor regularly is not a psychosomatic condition but a preventive measure. There are certain conditions that could be identified early before they become symptomatic by eye check-ups like glaucoma and diabetes, and their early detection puts one at a better chance of overcoming them.

It is also advisable to be familiar with your family’s health history as this could be easy to identify hereditary trends hence provide the doctor with the right information to help. If already using corrective glasses, you should have your lasses with you or your prescription.

      II.            Keep your eyes protected

Depending on where we are, it is always advisable to wear the right kind of gear to protect your eyes as ducking in time might not always be possible. Being in places where small materials are moving around, it advisable to have work goggles on to prevent these materials from entering your eyes.

Another thing that you should protect your eyes from is the ultra-violet rays from the sun which heightens the chance of cataracts with continual exposure therefore it is paramount to have legitimate sunglasses to protect your eyes and the same is advised for children too.

    III.            Maintaining a Healthy lifestyle

One of the main activities related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is exercising regularly but this does more than just keep you fir but the improved circulation as a result helps to reduce to the pressure within the eyes. It is also advisable to avoid smoking as its effects are adverse. Smoking has been associated with optic nerve destruction, development of glaucoma and macular degeneration.

    IV.            Observe proper diet

Carrots contain beta-carotene which gives it its orange color and is good for the eyes but they are not the only foods that enhance the health of the eyes s research has proven that foods rich in vitamins C and E, lutein and omega-3 fatty acids do a better job than carrots. These foods help to prevent macular degeneration and glaucoma because the nutrients are protective and are antioxidants greatly benefiting the eye. Foods like kale, spinach, tuna, avocados, soy among others are rich in these nutrients.


      V.            Regulate computer/ digital device use

Computers have become a necessary part of our lives and if you are not staring at a computer you are staring at a digital device with a screen. Staring into these devices for long periods of time causes the eyes to strain which might lead to blurry vision and headaches. It is advisable to take breaks often if the length of exposure to the digital screens is prolonged.

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Posted Tuesday, June 2, 2015 3:39:25 PM Europe/London

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