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Tips To Consider When Choosing a Protein Bar

Wednesday, May 20, 2015 10:54:49 AM Europe/London

A healthy lifestyle comes with a price tag to it and in order to maintain one, it is paramount that you have 5 – 6 healthy and balanced meals a day. It is unlikely that you would be able to prepare all these meals in a day and when in a hurry, even taking one meal sometimes might be a problem and this is where the protein bars come in. Protein bars provide a healthy alternative to the snack bars available in the market that work against your desire to maintain a healthy body.

Protein bars supplement normal nutrition in that they are rich in protein but low in carbohydrates and calories, and they cater to different needs; whether to lose or gain weight. Protein bars provide a better alternative to other high protein diets like shakes and powders and do not take the time to prepare. Hunger being the major deterrent in any diet plan, protein bars provides a healthy way to satisfy this hunger with a low calorie but high protein option instead of the sugar-laden snack available that work counter to your desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With protein bars becoming readily available in food stores, the factors that you should consider when choosing protein bars to suit your nutritional and dietary needs are:

  • Protein content

In order to supplement or completely replace a protein shake, it is important to find out the quantity of protein in the bar that you are about to get, and this is normally documented on the bar. It is important to ensure you go for the bar with a high amount of protein.

  • Calorie content

Calories are basically what is burned to produce energy and depending on your dieting objectives it is good to ensure that you obtain the protein bar that fits your requirement for example if you desire to lose weight then a high calorie bar would be a mistake but such a bar would be of great benefit to an individual who is involved in high energy demand activities like workouts. Therefore, consider the activity you are involved in and obtain a protein bar with the right calorie content to match your objectives.

  • Carbohydrate content

Your objectives should be the key factor in determining the amount of carbohydrates you want in the protein bar you decide to use. If your goal is mass gaining, then a high carbohydrate protein bar would do but if your agenda is to lose weight then a low carbohydrate bar would be most appropriate.

  • Fat content

The availability of fat in a protein bar has been the cause of many arguments in the dietetics field, but fat does play a role in the body and depending on the body needs, fat should be present but as a general rule, fat should not be above 5 grams.


  • Price

 Protein bars are nutritional supplements therefore one should spend according to what they have so id money is an issue then it is advisable that protein bars be taken only when necessary.

Weight loss is associated to either skipping of meals or eating less and what this does is it slows the metabolism that in turn reduces the fat-burning capacity of the body which Hamp sweight loss but with protein bars, you can maintain your metabolism high while allowing your body to convert the fat stored to energy source helping you lose weight.


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Posted Wednesday, June 3, 2015 10:39:23 AM Europe/London

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